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Your passport to bliss is in our hands. Our therapists are licensed, insured and skilled in almost every modality available. Choose from our client services lists below.  



Corporate massage
 Massage Chair on-site services 150.00 per hour per therapist

Mental Vacation Massage Treatment included:


Aroma/Sound Therapies

-Swedish Massage


-Active Isolated Stretching

-Massage Chair

-Sanitation Supplies


Mental Vacation Deluxe
​​Full body table massage 60 minutes $200.00 (in office) $250 (on site)

Hot stones, Aromatherapy, Swedish massage, Acupressure, and Active Isolated



intake form
Please fill out and email intake form back to us at least 2 days prior to appointment. Thank you.​​
Mental Vacation Supreme
​​Full body table massage 90 minutes - $225

Hot stones, aromatherapy, sound therapy, Swedish massage, Acupressure and Active Isolated Stretching


The Ultimate Reflexology
Table treatment 40 min $85.00 (in office) $135 (on site)

20 minutes - foot reflexology, guided meditation,

10 minutes - moisturizing Paraffin hand treatment

10 minute - peppermint/rosemary stimulating scalp massage


Eye, Ear, Nose Clearing

Table Treatment 60 minutes $185.00 


40 - minute soothing ear clearing using beeswax ear candles sealed with warm oil-soaked cotton ball.

25 - minute scalp and facial massage with warm herbal oil and Breathe easy oil blend.


Immune Boost & Detox

Table Treatment  60 minutes $185.00


40 – minute head, neck and shoulder massage

20 – minute herbal sauna/guided meditation

Sip a beautiful herbal blend of immune boosting Elderberry, Ginger, Lime, Tila

Lymphatic drainage

Table Treatment 60 minutes $190.00

The proper functioning of the lymphatic system is critical to our body's ability to drain fluids, detoxify, regenerate tissues, filter out toxins and foreign substances, and maintain a healthy immune system.


Special People, Special Pricing

"Any society, any nation, is judged on the basis of how it treats its weakest members -- the last, the least, the littlest." 
~Cardinal Roger Mahony, In a 1998 letter, Creating a Culture of Life


Surreal Senior CARE
Table Treatment 60 minutes $150 per hour. Monday-Thursday 1:00p – 3:00p

Aromatherapy, sound therapy, Swedish massage, Acupressure and Active Isolated Stretching


Our Hope, Our Future: Children ages 10-17
Chair massage 60 minutes $120.00

(Parental permission required for minors)

 Our precious youth will be taught:

- the do's and don'ts of receiving a massage treatment

- the importance and benefits of massage therapy

- focused breathing techniques to decrease test anxiety and improve memory

- the impact of aromatherapy

- how to strengthen their immune system

- how to be more responsible for their health

- chair massage (fully clothed)



Precious Touch Prenatal Massage
45 minutes $175.00 (In office)


Doula Services - Surreal Births

- 1 prenatal office visit
- birth preferences consultation 

- pregnancy and postpartum nutritional counseling

- baby-ready breath/body work/comfort measures 
- 24-hour on-call support at 36 weeks
- labor and delivery coaching
- postpartum lactation support and counseling
  (Installment pricing plans available) 

- and more

Doula Services - Surreal transition (death)

- Understanding the importance of choosing and designating a medical proxy.

- Counseling and creation of advanced directives (MOLST).

- Understanding and planning a living well vs. living will.

- Creating a funeral plan and declaration. 

- Drafting a last will and testament (non-legal).

- Family support while companioning the client through dying and death.


Surreal Wellness Packages – Electric Eating

(Personalized Wellness Services)

Need a lifestyle change?

Facing some health challenges?

Need to start and not sure how?

Ask me how to transition into a plant-based lifestyle.



All appointments are subject to a 50% deposit to cement the appointment date.

The balance must be satisfied at the time of appointment for personal appointments, and within 7 business days of the event if the client is a corporate partner.


Any notification for cancellation of any appointment made known to Surreal Serenity, LLC in less than 72 hours of the appointment time and date (for any reason) forfeits your entire deposit or gift certificate. 


If this cancellation policy pertains to you as a client, and you have experienced cancellation issues in the past, deposits cannot be applied for future services. Any future appointments you make thereafter must be paid in full to schedule any future appointments. 


“Gratuities are graciously appreciated!”


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