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Why Surreal Serenity is the only choice for you.
the surreal difference

Surreal Serenity, LLC is a New York City and State certified WMBE. Our aim is to equip clients with effective wellness tools through workplace programming. This programming translates into optimal support and betterment of an individual’s multifaceted lifestyle. In this state of balanced wellness, individuals and employees can fully contribute to the organizational whole through outstanding productivity, positivity, and professionalism.


We seek to partner with individuals and organizations that support the value of optimum health and wellness. 



91838 –  Education & Training

92416 –  Course Development Service/Instructional Training

92418 –  Educational Services, Alternative

92441 –  Instructor-led Classroom Training (non-technical)

92435 –  In-service training for employees

92460 –  Not for credit classes, seminars, workshops, etc. 

94836 –  Exercise Program Services

94848 –  Health Care Services (Not Otherwise Classified)

95259 –  Human Services (Not Otherwise Classified)

95221 –  Counseling

95280 –  Senior Services (Misc.)

94648 –  Financial Advisor

94886 –  Therapy and Rehabilitation Services 

95240 –  Family Planning

95241 –  Family/Parenting Services 

95280 –  Senior Services 

95281 –  Senior Services, Senior Center Services 

95282 –  Senior Services, Social Adult Day Care 

96156 –  Public Speaking Services


624190 – Community Health Education Services


OUr team

We are expertly trained: 


  • NYS licensed and insured

  • Certified in many modalities

  • Active in continuing education courses

  • Attentive, courteous, sincere and reliable

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