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We use a unique combination of custom guided meditations, aroma/sound therapies and stretching throughout the massage treatment. 

Meditation &
Focused breath

Stilling the mind is the catalyst for healing and relaxation to begin. Each client is invited to actively engage in the deeping of their breath. Once this is achieved, a guided imagry meditation begins. This allows the client to fully engage the treatment and embark on their "Mental Vacation."®


Music has the powerful ability to add excitement to our moods or to create total relxation.  We play music that specifically speaks to your present condition. Whether you are anxious or fatigued. Our music is calculated and composed to balance you.

You are uniquely made and require more than a cookie cutter treament. Our treatments are customized to address your inbalances. As partners on your wellness journey, we use important client intake as well as the integration of accupressure, Swedish massage and stretching.


If you smell something wonderful you'll feel wonderful. We sparingly use the highest grade theraputic oils. These oils are excellent for your olefactory senses, internal organs and espouse overall wellbeing.

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